Oh joy, Oh rapture, You now have the priveledge to wander through the twisted funhouse maze of my mind. *turns and whispers towards her shoulder "sshhh, they will think we are crazy"* Describe me....well...I work very hard to keep my intellect concealed behind a well built facade of normality. Occasionally the tangled vines of sarcasm sweep out and snare those curious ones who venture close to me. As for my style, now that is as ever changing as my mood. One moment you could find yourself wandering through a lovely fairytale surrounded by warm and fuzzy thoughts and in a single breath be transported to a swampish cemetary looking over your shoulder for things that go bump in the night. Enjoyment is based purely on perception of course. It would be safe to say that first impressions would merely scratch the surface of all that embodies me. All are welcome to explore my shifting visions.

Moodswing's Works

Poetry 2003-07-26Acquiesce
Poetry 2003-08-15Do You Remember
Poetry 2003-08-21The Pillage Idiot
Poetry 2003-09-10Realization of Reality
Poetry 2003-11-04My Only Need
Poetry 2003-11-04Mortal's Marrow
Poetry 2003-11-06Sweet Rejection
Poetry 2003-11-07Not For You
Poetry 2003-11-11My Will
Poetry 2003-11-12Consummated
Poetry 2003-11-19Without
Poetry 2003-12-04Devoted Decay
Poetry 2003-12-08Dis-Illusions
Poetry 2003-12-13My River
Poetry 2003-12-19Sinful Pleasure
Poetry 2004-03-16Misery's Song
Poetry 2004-04-17Cold sheets
Poetry 2004-05-04Defined
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2005-11-02Death's Afterthoughts
Poetry (Comedy)2006-01-09unspoken lust
Poetry 2007-03-19A Numb Satisfaction
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