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Poetry 2013-07-031:1
Poetry 2013-03-15A Thousand Suns.
Poetry 2015-04-27Amber Grey.
Poetry 2016-05-23As Beauty Flees From Me.
Poetry 2013-05-20Asphalt and Lemonade.
Poetry 2012-10-04Blood Season.
Poetry 2012-09-22Cloth and Knife.
Poetry 2010-05-16Dark Folk.
Poetry 2015-05-15Death Blooms.
Poetry 2011-04-16Dream Genesis.
Poetry 2018-01-30Evergreen.
Poetry 2010-12-28Father and Faun.
Poetry 2018-07-07Fire Folk.
Poetry 2011-01-05Flowers In Her Hair.
Poetry 2013-02-25For He Who Tempts Death.
Poetry 2013-10-02For Night Is Nigh.
Poetry 2013-09-21For She Who Is Ash.
Poetry 2015-11-21He Who Leaps the Flames.
Poetry 2016-05-23I Think I'll Go For a Drive.
Poetry 2012-02-23I, Sea.
Poetry 2011-05-24In Gardens Of Grief.
Poetry 2015-04-24In:.::|Machination.
Poetry 2010-12-26Mother and Moon.
Poetry 2014-08-04Not Unlike the Stars.
Poetry 2016-05-16Of Suns Below the Arch of Stone.
Poetry 2011-01-08Playing God, Beneath the Overpass.
Poetry 0000-00-00Quiet, Just Quiet.
Poetry 0000-00-00Ravens In the Road.
Poetry 0000-00-00Repose For Reprisal.
Poetry 2011-01-13Rust.
Poetry 2010-12-28Shadow and Child.
Poetry 2011-03-30She Swallowed the Earth.
Poetry 2013-02-20She Swallowed the Heart.
Poetry 2011-06-07She Swallowed the Mind.
Poetry 2011-03-30She Swallowed the Sky.
Poetry 0000-00-00Ship Has Sailed.
Poetry 2014-01-23Sky Torn, A Feast For Wolves.
Lyrics (Rage)2010-12-02Slaughtering 'Round the Christmas Tree.
Poetry 2012-09-26Sleepwalk.
Poetry 2009-10-01Sleepy Hollow.
Poetry 0000-00-00Spilling the Essence of the Gods.
Poetry 2010-12-24Star and Mist.
Poetry 2013-05-31Still, I Wake.
Poetry 2010-11-23Storm Crier At the Gates.
Poetry 2012-09-24Street Light Compass.
Poetry 2011-03-14The Dragon Carousel.
Poetry 2017-09-22The Dreamer, and the Deceiver.
Poetry 2013-07-15The Infinite Aperture..:: ::..:..::. :. :.: Fields of Servitude
Poetry 2012-10-17The Man in the Lake.
Poetry 2011-03-06The Martyr's Dance.
Poetry 2013-07-03The Poet's Mark.
Poetry 2017-10-21The Procession of Flames.
Poetry 0000-00-00The Purgatory Gardens.
Poetry 2013-02-14The Season Ends.
Poetry 2011-04-15The Seasons Of Never-Year.
Poetry 0000-00-00The Silence and the Shade.
Poetry 2011-01-01The Stoic Stone.
Poetry 2017-02-20The Widest Scope.
Poetry 2010-11-21The Wolf Shepherd.
Poetry 2016-01-20Through the Hyrst of Midwinter Ghosts.
Poetry 0000-00-00Tidal Reckoning. (humanityimpaled)
Poetry 0000-00-00Unrest.
Poetry 2010-12-23Villanelle: To Be.
Poetry (Tribute)2012-10-11We, Dark Poets.
Poetry 2010-11-30Winter Pine.
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