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I have that uneasy feeling experienced when things end

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Poetry 2010-04-07Drunk Fish In A Pond Of Wine
Poetry (Erotica)2010-04-13Fecal Surge Detector
Lyrics 2010-04-28Roaches Flattened By Refrigerator Doors
Lyrics 2010-05-02Stupor Rap
Poetry (Personal)2010-05-13All the world's a stagefright
Poetry (Love)2010-05-19Milk Snake
Poetry (Personal)2010-06-04Grains Of Angst
Poetry (Personal)2010-08-31I Say Lonely Things
Poetry 2010-09-03Grey Matters
Poetry 2010-09-03False Pretext
Poetry 2010-10-20Little Girls
Poetry 2010-10-23Cosmic Decree
Poetry (Tribute)2010-11-23I Guess Wearing A Dog Collar Makes You More Metal
Poetry 2010-12-02Dark-Grey Matters
Poetry 2010-12-07Cosmic Decree(Solar Activity)
Poetry 2010-12-10Agoraphobia
Poetry (Fiction)2011-01-03A Science Fiction Character In A Pornographic Film
Poetry (Horror)2012-03-08traces of blood
Poetry 2012-04-02Tinfoil
Poetry 2012-04-03sneer
Poetry 2012-04-05Welcome To The Wasteland
Poetry (Depressed)2012-04-16Heading Down
Poetry 2012-04-2227/03/12
Poetry (Tribute)2012-09-21Bipolar Bears
Poetry 2013-08-06kissass
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