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And One Day Your Name Didn't Make Me Smile Anymore....
Isn't it ironic? We spend so much time wanting and missing something, only to realize later that it wasn't really what we wanted at all....

Welcome to my little dark place... I write about what I know.. Some good, Some bad... PLease feel free to comment on what I write.. I love feedback...

"I don't even know what to say to this other than it was so beautiful I wish that things were different for you. I feel the pain oozing from this. Blood tears written with words of longing. Keep up the great work" -----

"Just when you pick them up, they get smashed again. The first line captivated me, from there I was hooked. Well done"... =)

"Once again you've created art".

"Heart wrenching. Never knowing when the time is right for those words. Always hoping they will be welcomed from the apprehensive soul they were derived from. And the anguish shown in this piece is evidence of a gift that was declined. I can only sit here and think, I hope she called".

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Poetry 2010-06-084am epiphany...
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Poetry (Love)2010-09-28torn
Poetry 2010-11-25The questions........
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Poetry 2011-01-17in the dark
Poetry 2011-02-26House of the Broken Hearted....
Poetry (Love)2011-09-21Blinded.....
Poetry (Love)2011-10-09fractured passion
Poetry 2013-02-08Loveless
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