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"I bleed the blood of a cold stone that roams without a shadow
I'm only deep enough to realize that I'm shallow
My head I keep it up but its hard to keep it straight
when you don't believe in love,
and you just cant cope with hate"

- Eyedea

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Poetry 2010-02-04My Burden
Poetry 2010-02-04The Darkness Creates.
Poetry 2010-02-05The Mirror
Poetry 2010-02-05A bad habbit
Poetry 2010-02-05My reason
Poetry 2010-02-05Reality
Poetry 2010-02-05A lonley valentine
Poetry 2010-02-05Damned with no end
Poetry 2010-02-05Run and hide
Poetry 2010-02-05Eyes of a killer
Poetry 2010-02-06I wonder why
Poetry 2010-02-06My heart
Poetry 2010-02-07Conformity
Poetry 2010-02-08Words of a killer (Follow-up poem)
Poetry 2010-02-09Unbearable Wait
Poetry 2010-02-16Black Bird Pt. 1
Poetry 2010-02-17Black Bird Pt 2
Poetry 2010-02-18I don't care
Poetry 2010-02-19Leave me now
Poetry 2010-02-26Happy Birthday
Poetry 2012-01-11A tiny truth
Poetry 2012-01-11A reminder
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