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If you have a minute please stop to enjoy some of my poetry and thoughts. My writing has been described as "for the public".. Here you will only find my raw thoughts and true feeling. You won't have to read through two hour poems looking for some obscure meaning. They're basic. They're truthful. Tell me what you think.

"I'm like a balloon, unless someone holds my string I'll float away.." -Party Monster

�conomiser moi du rien je suis devenu



Wow .. Haven't been on this site for almost 10+ years now but something told me to come here today.
I miss so many of you.

Antony's Works

Poetry 2000-11-06¿Perfect?
Poetry 2001-02-10Won't Remember You
Poetry 0000-00-00It's All Me
Poetry 2000-08-12Quixotic Starlight
Poetry 2000-12-27Really Losing Something
Poetry 2002-06-12Garden - Variety Life
Poetry (Love)2004-02-13Poetic Justice
Poetry 2004-02-17But Momma..
Poetry 2004-02-24Happy?
Poetry 2004-03-04Any Old How
Poetry 2004-03-05Wet Kitchen Floor
Poetry 2004-03-09Rescuing You From Nothing At All?
Poetry 2004-04-16.The Rain Was There.
Poetry (Love)2006-05-30Don't Die Inside
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