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NOTE: I wear face paint that is NOT "faggy" (if that's even a word) and I am a Juggalo, just for future references BITCH ;)




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Poetry 2010-01-04Words of the wise
Poetry 2010-01-04A Bad Trip
Poetry 2010-01-04A few opinions (me-justified)
Poetry (Personal)2010-01-04Personal venting
Poetry (Personal)2010-01-09"Heavenly Hell"
Poetry (Reflective)2010-01-12What about you?
Lyrics (Reflective)2010-01-13Say Goodbye
Poetry (Abuse)2010-01-22Confessions of a junkie
Poetry (Depressed)2010-01-24Just front
Lyrics (Personal)2010-01-26"Heavenly Hell II" (A Love Story)
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-01-30Your Father Who Art...
Poetry 2010-02-05Untitled
Other 2010-02-22My Forseen Eulogy
Poetry 2010-03-05Homage To The Art (unfinished & re-posted)
Poetry (Abuse)2010-04-16Your Armageddon
Poetry 2010-05-08( I ) Scream
Poetry (Abuse)2010-05-22aTARActic (Our Dirty Little Secret)
Poetry 2010-06-23The No Named
Poetry (Personal)2010-08-10(J)ust (R)e(M)ember
Poetry (Adult)2010-09-11The Best of Me
Poetry 2011-10-10Sins Like These
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