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About me... This could be interesting. I'm 25 now with a Pug named King, an albino Burmese Python named Daisy, and a Coastal Carpet Python named Caesar.
I'm into my drums first and foremost, then i like to write about things that annoy/aggravate/interest/concern me. Read my poetry, i know, i can be long-winded but i get my points across either way. I write poetry. I like to be alone when i want to be alone. I don't like pushy people. I hate when people cannot create complete and legible sentences without spelling and grammatical mistakes. Once in a while it is to be expected but when you compose a sentence that is incoherent and only makes sense because it's in your head then there is definitely something wrong. I love reptiles. Their ability to be completely disconnected intrigues me. I want to finish my tattoos and my piercings. I hate people that have opinions and they don't really know why. I hate when people talk about something they know nothing about and try to pass it off like they know all there is to know. I hate liars and thieves. I love my parents and my little brother although he's not so little anymore. I wish the world would end sometimes solely for my benefit. I want to do the things that used to keep my life in a more organized and manageable state. Most people suck.

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Poetry 2009-05-27Your Pain Is Real
Poetry 2009-05-27My Valentine
Poetry 2009-05-27Dark Angel
Poetry 2009-05-28Purgatory
Poetry 2009-05-29Friendly Demise
Poetry 2009-05-29Exonerate Me
Poetry 2009-05-29Abhorrence Of Mortality
Poetry (Philosophical)2009-06-05Faith
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