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smartass by nature, dark by preference, naughty by practice...dedicated to the fine balance between hedonism and buyer's remorse...

forbidden fruit a flavor has that lawful orchard mocks
how luscious lies within the pod the pea that duty locks.
-emily dickinson

ebonyamore's Works

Poetry 2009-04-08once upon a time...
Poetry 2009-04-08shipwrecked
Poetry 2009-04-09the hunter's snare
Poetry 2009-04-09dirty girl on a siren night
Poetry 2009-04-10a good friday
Poetry 2009-04-22you aren't here
Poetry (Erotica)2009-04-24I said I loved you...
Poetry 2009-04-29stained devotion
Poetry (Love)2009-05-26reflections
Poetry 2009-07-12god of thunder
Poetry 2010-10-17write me a love song
Poetry (Reflective)2010-10-22All you never needed
Poetry 2011-04-05Achilles embrace
Poetry 0000-00-00Reflections from the workshop
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