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I am a man who presents his works through a yin/yang fashion. I convey what I'm saying through an even situation of harmony and discord. I'm the optimistic pessimist who devours your mind, spitting torrents of tormenting truths that enlighten you through metaphors.

CjPsychotic's Works

Poetry 2009-03-11Fainting is for Amateurs
Poetry (Spiritual)2009-03-15Matador's Outfit
Poetry (Tribute)2009-03-19...I'm Sick....
Poetry (Tribute)2009-03-23An Honoring Toast
Poetry (Love)2009-04-12Volatile Conductivity
Poetry 2009-04-21Alice in Wonder-bras
Lyrics (Comedy)2009-04-29Parody: Get Boned
Lyrics (Political)2009-05-12The King of the Gods Reborn
Poetry (Spiritual)2009-06-21Super Imposed
Poetry (Reflective)2009-09-15Grains of Time
Poetry (Reflective)2010-05-05Battlefield: Heaven
Poetry 2010-10-12Sonnet: The Fairy Boy
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