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My names Nicole, I'm 19 now. I just recently got settled back into a place with internet access. Work, school, and a fiance to come home to every night. Nothing else I can say, I hope my work speaks for itself.

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Poetry (Love)2012-05-12Part 1: A Second Chance
Poetry 2012-04-28I'm Done
Poetry (Love)2012-04-24Severed
Other (Love)2012-04-24The best failed attempt at poetry
Poetry 2012-04-12Withered
Poetry (Personal)2010-09-21Time Stood Still
Poetry (Love)2010-02-21Coffee
Poetry (Personal)2010-01-30Kat
Poetry (Personal)2009-12-14Soul Storm
Poetry (Love)2009-12-14Eternally Frozen Soild
Poetry (Depressed)2009-07-29Cut
Poetry 2009-04-07Porcelain Queen
Poetry (Reflective)2009-04-05I Wish You Had Been Real...
Poetry 2008-10-02[Untitled]
Poetry 2008-09-18Compulsion
Poetry (Personal)2008-08-06Untitled
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