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I have eight piercings; 3 in each ear 1 cartilage, & my tongue.
I also have five tattoos; one on my right ankle (a rose) and the other on my left hip (treble cleft with two stars and a quarter note).Third tattoo is a tribal butterfly spanning the width of my shoulders on my upper back. Fourth is a northern star Peter Pan style as a memorial on my left ankle. Newest is a Cheshire cat/Mad Hatter mash-up on my right shoulder.

Poetry, photography and music are my passions and what keep me sane.

I always enjoy creative criticism and I do realize that a lot of my poetry on here is quite old.

I know I haven't been on here in quite some time but I may become active once more..

- Amber Lee

Mischevious Princess's Works

Poetry (Tribute)2003-10-23You've Become Someone I Don't Recognize...
Poetry (Tribute)2004-04-14Reasons Unknown
Poetry (Love)2004-06-02Love's Pain and Torment
Poetry (Depressed)2004-06-04I'm Afraid
Poetry (Love)2004-06-04I Wish You Were Mine
Poetry (Love)2004-06-15All You Have Done
Poetry (Love)2009-09-24Poem for My Love
Poetry (Depressed)2004-08-08Bloody Razor
Poetry (Reflective)2004-08-23Shed A Tear
Poetry (Reflective)2004-08-23I Wish
Poetry (Love)2004-09-20Everytime
Poetry (Love)2004-10-17Angel Wings
Poetry (Reflective)2004-10-18Lost Lamb
Poetry (Depressed)2004-12-13Misery
Poetry (Love)2005-07-19Game Of Love
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-30Safe In His Arms
Poetry (Structured)2006-02-11Twelve Ways of Looking At Love
Poetry (Love)2006-02-11Always On My Mind
Poetry (Depressed)2007-02-05Mask of Lies
Essay (Tribute)2007-04-08Friends In Far Places (To Lost_Soul)
Poetry (Love)2008-01-04Everyone Deserves A Chance
Poetry (Love)2008-10-16Piece of My Heart
Poetry (Love)2010-09-16Yours...
Poetry (Personal)2010-11-09Always The Saint...
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