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Know I've gone on a bit. Would delete a lot of my stuff but D.P's quite a useful backup and they do say never throw anything away...

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Poetry 2007-12-10shakespeare
Poetry 2008-01-06when your gone
Short Story 2008-01-06recovery?
Poetry 2008-01-10hate
Poetry 2008-01-13half awake
Poetry 2008-01-20dead alive
Poetry 2008-01-24Found?
Poetry 2008-01-25smother
Poetry (Love)2008-01-26Never
Poetry 2008-01-30until again
Poetry 2008-02-03narcotics anonymous
Poetry 2008-02-08Uprising
Poetry 2008-02-12Not that dark
Poetry (Love)2008-02-13falling
Poetry 2008-02-15Rage roar
Poetry (Love)2008-02-18Miss
Poetry 2008-02-23Full Stops
Poetry (Love)2008-02-23The fall
Poetry (Rage)2008-02-25C***
Poetry 2008-03-01Steam of conscious
Poetry (Love)2008-03-04Shhhh!
Poetry 2008-03-05Blackest
Poetry (Love)2008-03-27thirst things first
Poetry 2008-04-11confound
Poetry 2008-06-16The bottle
Poetry 2008-06-24Powder monkey
Poetry (Tribute)2008-06-27the other side
Poetry (Love)2008-06-30Not dark atall
Poetry 2008-07-02dream catapult
Poetry 2008-07-05Binge
Poetry (Rage)2008-07-10youdidme
Poetry 2008-07-12dirty old town
Poetry 2008-07-16Just one bag
Poetry (Ironic)2008-07-17WAKE
Poetry 2008-07-27Perfect day for a breakdown
Poetry 2008-07-28choked poet
Poetry 2008-07-30She
Poetry (Love)2008-08-12Sorry
Poetry (Love)2008-08-19hardly
Poetry (Political)2008-08-24livid living
Poetry (Love)2008-08-27Soul mate (draft)
Poetry 2008-09-05chasing reason
Poetry (Love)2008-09-06Always
Poetry 2008-09-07almost
Poetry (Love)2008-09-26The light
Poetry 2008-09-26if you
Poetry 2008-09-28That Way
Poetry 2008-09-30Winning?
Poetry 2008-10-03aches
Poetry 2008-10-07Window sill (draft)
Poetry 2008-10-10Dawning
Poetry 2008-10-13Clouds
Poetry 2008-10-14Always
Poetry 2008-10-15Slipped
Poetry 2008-10-15Rage rap
Poetry 2008-10-21Swile
Poetry 2008-10-31anyways
Poetry 2009-04-27self portrait
Poetry 2009-05-06chime
Poetry 2009-05-29Dry House
Poetry 2009-06-01knife
Poetry 2009-07-01broken pencil
Poetry 2009-07-07Tears
Poetry (Love)2009-07-28You
Poetry 2009-08-13fudge words
Poetry 2009-08-16Just you
Poetry 2009-08-18A whole life holding you
Poetry 2009-08-19really
Poetry 2009-09-29Joker
Poetry (Love)2009-10-12grow(l)
Poetry 2009-11-02All over you
Poetry 2009-11-02error
Poetry 2009-11-05far
Poetry 2009-11-06an open wound
Poetry 2009-11-17Choice or reason
Poetry 2009-11-18sketch
Poetry 2009-11-21Twitter
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