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I'm Kat. I've been writing for a while and do have 2 poems published(My Last Resort and Love and Pain) I don't really have any special form of writing i just write what i feel. I haven't written anything new in a while. I lost my muse for a bit, but I'm hope to start writing again soon. Please rip my poems apart and tell me whats wrong with them or what you like.

quotes : every dog has his day
"I'm not looking for the perfect person, they don't exist. I'm looking for the perfect fit." ~unknown

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Poetry 2003-05-14My last Resort
Poetry 2003-05-14Love & Pain
Poetry 2003-05-14Date
Poetry 2003-07-30will I
Poetry 2003-08-06Time of War
Poetry 2003-12-08Spinning
Poetry 2003-12-08Save me
Poetry 2003-12-08brother
Poetry 2003-12-08Timber
Poetry 2004-01-26How can?
Poetry 2013-05-30Thoughts before bed
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