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Poetry (Depressed)2006-06-27Hiding Behind the Picture Frame
Poetry (Love)2006-06-28You're the angel I knew you were
Poetry (Depressed)2006-06-30My Sobbing Wrists
Poetry (Ironic)2006-07-02Burying Angels With Snow Shovels (You're the Angel Pt 2)
Poetry (Depressed)2006-07-13Slow Dance to Your Razor Blade Violin
Poetry (Reflective)2006-07-14We Are All Lost in the Dark
Poetry (Fantasy)2006-07-16Snowflakes Melted In Your Eyes And I Died Inside
Poetry (Personal)2006-07-19I Read Your Lips and Jumped Off Every Cliff
Poetry (Personal)2006-07-23I Watered Roses With Tears And All Save One Lived For Years
Poetry (Reflective)2006-07-30Tension Breaking Beauty in My Face
Poetry (Depressed)2006-08-01Funeral at my Place of Mistakes
Poetry (Depressed)2006-08-02The Chord of You (Every Chord is You)
Poetry (Personal)2006-08-07There's a Cemetery Behind Your House
Poetry (Depressed)2006-08-08I Will Always Bleed Ink
Poetry (Personal)2006-08-13Smile in the Dark (I Only Smile in the Dark)
Poetry (Personal)2006-09-06Your Heart's Bow (Straight Shot in the Rain)
Poetry (Depressed)2006-09-09A Distant Embrace
Poetry (Fantasy)2006-10-16Nothing but Suffering on Board the S.S. Sorrow
Poetry (Personal)2006-10-28Paint the Clouds With Matchsticks
Poetry (Tribute)2006-11-30Fields Like Oceans (How Many?)
Poetry (Ironic)2007-01-04The Destructive Nature of Sharp and Dull Razors
Poetry (Philosophical)2007-02-07Moonlight and the Weight of Empty Shadows
Poetry (Spiritual)2007-04-14On the Edge of the Ocean
Poetry (Fantasy)2007-05-03Apostrophe to Imagination
Poetry (Reflective)2008-01-17Scars and Raincoats: Still Drowning
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