The Shattered Heart

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Don't Worry, No One Can Contact Me Without My Information Up So Here Goes The New Life

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Poetry 2010-12-04To Long To Post Here
Rant (Non-Fiction)2010-05-05How Could You!
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-05-04As I Sing My Lullaby
Rant (Non-Fiction)2010-04-23Rambling #2
Journal (Non-Fiction)2010-04-21Rambling #1
Poetry (Depressed)2008-12-16Tears of Anger
Poetry (Tribute)2008-04-17My Hero ~ A Dedication To A Great Friend
Graphic Art 2007-05-18The Crew of DP (( Nobody's Friends))
Poetry (Personal)2007-02-24AcceptingThe Truth
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