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She’s lying on her bed crying lifeless tears knowing that everything that went wrong was her fault thinking…

There’s no reason for living…
There’s no point to this life…

This girl’s pain bleeds through her eyes and her life is in her own deathly hands. Knowing that her life would be over soon she thinks about everything good in her life. All the timeless memories of holding hands and soft kisses, her chest starts to throb as her heart is breaking. The remedy she needed to keep her alive was gone an out the window just like the fading scent of his cologne. His devilish treatment... the truths of hypocrisy…the difference of the truth and the omitted lies, the screaming insults of not being worth anything. She can’t stop thinking, hoping that she can forget about the pain she takes her anger out on herself, cutting inch deep scars that pierce two inches deeper into her heart. Relieving stress on paper writing stories and poems about death and her lost love. The last thing she needs now is the picture of his face in her head.
All at once he rushes thorough the door and into her life again bringing his hatred and abuse. The littlest mistakes leave this poor girl with bruises and a black eye. Knowing in her mind and in her heart to stay alive, he needs to leave. She musters up the courage to scream at him…

“Get out and never come back! This is it! I don’t want you hear anymore!”

His anger won’t subside. Wishing she wouldn’t have said anything she knows that this is the end. This is the final beating. This is his breaking point. He starts swinging and she starts screaming…


knowing no one will come to her rescue, she starts to fight back. She’s never fought back before because she always wanted him just to love her, but this time its different. Her head and her heart both know that this love of his death is going to make her pain stop. She gets up and runs into the torn down kitchen with the ripped drapery. Tripping over the warped wood floor dwindling her chances of escape. Grabbing the largest, sharpest knife, and with one quick swing she thrusts it into his stomach. He stands there not realizing what just happened. She had gotten revenge.
Their love was gone from the first hit but she still kept all the memories locked up. She walks away from his body lying in a pool of blood, looking at her own blood stained fingers. She starts to cry. Not knowing why she’s feeling this way she takes the knife and one last time cuts her tattered skin to make the pain fade away, and runs into the safest place that she knows of.
She's sitting in the corner of her room with mascara running down her cheeks and a river of crimson red blood bleeding from her lifeless arm. She's given up because of the things he’s said because she believes she deserves nothing more than to rot in a hell that isn’t good enough for the devil because he told her she was a disgrace. He told her she wasn’t good enough and he was the one that drove her to die this horrific death of deaths.
He was the one that she confided in in the beginning, but in the end, made her feel like she was the one doing everything wrong when in reality he was the one throwing their lives away with the drugs, the alcohol, making her feel worthless, the abuse and the hurtful words of slander. As she's sitting in this corner all alone knowing that she has only a few minutes to live all she thinks about is the past an the way she still loves him without being able to understand it. She feels she did him a favor by leaving this world and stopping all his hate because he made her believe she was the reason he was doing these things. This is the only way she believed that she could make him happy was by dieing and ending her life, even though dead, his soul would still linger and haunt her.
As we all look upon her dead body in the morning knowing she died from a broken heart and her life was lived no much more than a slave girls life… she died for a man no worthy of a name in a story. She bleeds her last drop of blood and she made her pain stop and what she believed as another’s pain. He did this and he is the one that deserved nothing more than to rot in hell for the things he made her believe about herself. This man is merely a beast, showing what makes this world a world of hatred and helplessness towards those who believe they have nothing to live for. The pulsating suicide of this young child who had brought herself to die is because of a nameless man. He was her happiness and he became her death. Danielle’s broken heart will never mend. It’s gone forever along with her beautiful name.

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