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I wrote a lot of my poetry during my teenage-angsty years, but all of it was written about someone or something.. some experience that changed my way of thinking or just my life in general. I write for me not for anyone else. but if my poetry can help someone else put to words how they've felt at some point in their lives then I've done a good thing.

Shannon. (DarkNephilim)

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Poetry (Philosophical)2013-05-15Keep Breathing
Other (Personal)2008-10-20starry skies and sleepless nights...
Poetry 2008-04-24miss you
Poetry 2007-01-12worlds apart
Poetry (Love)2006-03-12Things
Poetry (Adult)2006-03-12Youthful Passion
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2006-01-15early morning thoughts
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2005-12-11untitled
Poetry 2005-08-10As Dawn Rises
Poetry 2004-06-28The Beasts Within
Poetry 2004-06-10Confessions of a Bestfriend
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