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I have been so busy lately....but i peak in when i can, love and miss you all.....

I graduated from The Milton Hershey School..(a private school for poor kids) in 2007
I got married to my amazing hubby Brian on May 2nd, 2009 and my beautiful baby girl Carli Dodds was born July 7th, 2009.

I became an auntie to Anthony Andreas Andrews on January 24th at 2:42 pm. Later to Arius Alexander Andrews, and finally to Alijah Amari Andrews...

Anyone who wants to reach me on AIM can get me at vaultgrl88

Or if you want to talk to me on the phone, dp mail me and i'll give you my number.....

At Hershey Park on Memorial Day, 2006
SilentStalker Said

"well, I'd prefer clothed over naked. I dare say a girl in jeans would have to worry more than a naked girl around me."

"That's some amazing up-and-down action....."

"well, if your pants are too heavy, take 'em off."

"AHHH! Hold My Hand!" (As he grabs my hand and imprints his other hand on the grab bar)

"so, what started you saying that? Nothing? Well, how bout I give you a memory to tie it to?"

"Oh, cool; that means next time I get Adam!"

My dad joined DP...if you want to check him out he's up_at_five.....

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