Random Facts About Soulfire

Just for fun, a little information supplied by Soulfire.
Leftwing Commie or Rightwing Nutjob?centered hippie?!
Carrier of flower or carrier of seeds?The seed
Ancient as the bedrock or just starting to rock?just starting to rock
What's your sign cutie?Cancer....lovely eh?
Why a Dark Poet and not a Sunshine Scribbler?sadness and hurt fuel my passion
Who really messed up your life?anyone I allowed to
Favorite smell or stinks like hell?The forest while it rains
Beginning writer or lifer?lifer
Does blood allure you or does it disturb you?disturbs me
There is no God, or God is you, or God will probably smite you for suggesting otherwise?look into the eyes of a child and see God
My heroes are:survivors
You should know this about me:I love Polar Bears.
What's your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?Esfp
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