Policy Clarification: Disrespect

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Policy Clarification: Disrespect

Postby Max » Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:21 pm

After a lot of discussion amongst the council, the following is the site's official statement on Diss (Disrespect) poetry.

Diss poetry is any work that says or implies anything that could be perceived as negative about another member.

Diss poetry is permitted with only one big restriction. If you post any that refers to another member of this site, you must post the following disclaimer at the top of the work. The only thing you are to change is MySillyUsername to your own name, the rest must be copied or typed out verbatim including the stars (*). Note that it requires you to do a specific task before you can make it visible to other members:

************** STANDARD DISCLAIMER: This is "diss poetry." DarkPoetry required me to get the permission of everyone mentioned in this poem prior to dissing them. I did just that. Now let's have fun. Signed, MySillyUsername. **************

If you did not follow the the process outlined in this disclaimer (we will check), or you refuse to use it, your work will be deleted and your account may also be suspended or even removed depending on the relative gravity of the situation.

Also, if anyone mentioned in your piece changes their mind and asks you to remove the mention of them, you are to do so immediately upon being informed. Permission can be revoked at any time.

Thanks for keeping DP a safe and pleasant place for everybody.
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