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How to Use the Forum

Postby Max » Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:27 pm

The forum is very useful and a major part of your DarkPoetry membership, so please take a minute to sign in and learn to use it!

There are more than a dozen sections in this forum, but it's not possible to see them unless you log in first!

* First, you need to join DarkPoetry
* Next, click the little blackboard icon once logged in (or return to this page)
* Then sign in to the forum.
* That's it, you can thereafter see everything available

Why do you have to sign in to the forum separately from the main site?

Because the forum is an independent and distinct application that is not 100% integrated with the rest of DarkPoetry. So for example your private messages sent via the forum are not nearly as useful as a DPmail though they are analogous- everyone has DPmail but not everyone is using the forum, to be more specific.
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