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Postby Max » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:31 pm

Dear Member,

Let's kill some loneliness together.

Some of the most enjoyable times I've had with friends were at official DarkPoetry Meetings. There's a bond that we all share, and it's not something that your average joe is going to pick up on or appreciate. We just "click" for the most part. We know that there's something almost spiritual about putting our souls on the page and sharing our meticulously crafted soul gems with others.

Reflecting back on those meetings and the community that we've continued to maintain since then, I think that one of the best things we can do to progress is to help members to make friends near where they live, so they too can have this kind of experience. The Portland Oregon group is expected to serve as a pilot of this effort, but it will be the only group that is managed (at least at first) by some of the same people that manage the site. Every other regional group will need to be organized and set up independently by members. We can't do it any other way because there just aren't the resources for it. We just ask you all to be good, kind, safe, and responsible. And use your oxford commas. If you feel like it.

Please take a look at the proposed criteria for groups, and consider starting one in your area if you live outside the Portland metro area. Here's where you can start:

Lets get together and slay some demons.

Yours in darkness,
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